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CHILDBIRTH – AM – Aleph Mem - 41

This is a very complex dream in kabbalistic terms. As any parent will confirm child birth is both a deeply rewarding and at the same time an enormously worrying event. It is highly likely that this dream indicates that you are in a transition phase in your life; certain projects or relationships may well be reaching a point at which you feel wholly content. While positive, this dream points to the need to maintain proper levels of planning and responsibility in your life.

When we dream about giving birth we take on the role the archetypal mother who is represented by the value forty-one. Forty connects to the letter Mem, which represents the element of water and the deep emotional connection between parent and child. The number one signifies the creative spark that leads to conception. When we compress the number we get five which is the value of the letter Heh. The letter Heh in Hebrew is regarded as a symbol of the material world of "Malkuth" and is the daughter of the other three letters in the secret name of God.

In the Kabalah the Sephira Binah is known as The Great Mother and represents the means by which raw energy is given a form and structure. It is this structuring aspect of Binah that is indicated a dream of childbirth. This dream is telling us that we need to focus on planning our lives just as much as thinking about the results of our actions. The Sephira Binah connects directly on the Tree of Life to the Sephira Gevurah and in this sense Gevurah is the child of Binah. Gevurah is a very warlike and severe Sephira and if the birth is particularly painful it may well suggest the influence of Gevurah in your life. The correct response to this is to be cautious in all your activities while trying to remain calmly optimisitic no matter what life throws at you. The combination of the protective force of Binah and the severity of Gevurah represents the mixed feelings that you are experiencing at this time.

As the Sephira Binah is one of the Supernals, this dream is all about energies reaching down towards the dreamer from the divine source rather than their own will taking them forwards.  At one level dreaming about childbirth connects to the world of physical reality and suggests that you have a busy but profitable time ahead of you.. If your dream is focused on the mother than this suggests that if you are considering any major project you need to spend more time planning before taking any action. On the other hand a focus on the baby itself suggests that the time is right to go ahead and act. At a spiritual level the dream suggests that you are ready to take your personal development to a deeper level, probably through some form of structured mystical training such as yoga or meditation.

At the most practical level an ideal response to this dream is to set aside an evening and do the following. Sit down with a new notebook and first of all, write down everything you hope to achieve in the next six months. You should include everything in this list and no matter how trivial. Once you have your list you should give each aim a page of its own and list out exactly how you can accomplish your goal. If you combine this down to earth focus on planning with a weekly yoga class you will find your life runs far more smoothly.  More significantly this dream is a strong indicator that a connection between yourself and the divine is gradually taking shape. By engaging in  a structured form of spiritual work you will enable that link to be made most effectively.


FIRE – ASH – Aleph Shin  - 301

Dreaming of fire can be either encouraging or a warning shot across our spiritual bows. If we are dreaming of a house on fire or any other type of threatening inferno then the dream is warning us of an impending disaster. Oftentimes it relates to our own impetuous nature. If you dream of a damaging fire it would be very worthwhile to sit back calm down and see if you can't take things at a more relaxed pace. Positive fire dreams connect to the suit of wands in the Tarot, which are generally associated with bursts of creative energy.

The Hebrew word for fire has a value of three hundred and one. This value encapsulates both the adverse and the positive aspects of a fire dream. The number three hundred indicates the boundless creative energy that is tied up in fire, and we can immediately see how this can lead to a surge of inspiring work for the general and spiritual good or to a chaotic and ultimately ineffective display of activity. Similarly the number one is double edged. It is both a symbol of the One the transcendent level of consciousness that is beyond duality and of the individual as single minded ego driven and deaf to the wisdom of others.

The element of Fire is represented on The Tree of Life by the Sephira Netzach, and it is the last and most challenging of the elements that we must master in our journey towards spiritual self-integration. When our consciousness is primarily influenced by the energies of Netzach all matters of emotion are fore-grounded. It is important to remember that this does not just mean relationships or romance. Netzach connects with any aspect of our life which is dominated by feeling rather than thought; art, music, our enjoyment of food, even our politics may fall under this Sephira’s influence. Two paths on the Tree of Life can also help us appreciate the import of both types of Fire dream. The Tower card shows a sturdy stone tower being utterly destroyed by fiery lightning demonstrating that even in its destructive aspect the element of Fire may be serving a useful purpose. Conversely the Sun card which signifies intellectual achievement and the virtues of innocent joy shows us the wonder that the wholly creative aspect of Fire can bring.

The Sephira of Netzach can be a troubling and an equally invigorating state of consciousness. The dream of Fire suggests that you are in the process of experiencing its more challenging aspects. It is very difficult but also necessary to face our passions head on and ask ourselves the question “Why do I feel so strongly about this – is it justifiable?” In taking up the challenge it is important we quite literally fight fire with fire as it takes a lot of spiritual energy and will to recognise where a heart felt feeling is no more than ego arrogance, or indeed to locate those passions that are valuable to our quest. Remember that when we compress the value of fire(301) we get the number four, the symbol of the earth and solidity. This should remind you that when negotiating this difficult path it is always easier to walk when we keep our feet on the ground.

To fully benefit from this dream requires two distinct responses. On the hand it is important to develop an appreciation of the nature of passion and emotion, at the same time it is a real mark of development when one can feel a certain passion and emotional response to the most simple of tasks. It is all too easy to forget that the divine is fundamentally a force of  love. In order to fully link with our own higher self we must be able to deal with a whole range of emotions. Even more we must be bale to understand our emotional responses.  To address the first issue simply requires you to rent as many emotional videos as possible, visit some art galleries and read some heart wrenching fiction. Immerse yourself in emotion and explore how you personally respond. The second action is more demanding. You should choose a very mundane task such as preparing dinner and as you are busy slicing the vegetables and laying the table you should focus on how you feel about the task. It will be hard but if you concentrate you should be able to discover a deep emotional reaction to even the most boring of household chores.


BRIDGES – GISHUR – Gimel Yod Shin Vau Resh - 509

Dreaming of a bridge indicates that you are in a period of transition. From a mystical point of view this transition is from one basic state of consciousness to another represented by moving from one sephira to another. In more practical terms dreams of bridges should be seen as a moment of choice and is connected to the Tarot card The Lovers. Although the Lovers is not exclusively connected to emotional choices it is very likely, especially if the bridge in question is broad or curved in shape that the dream relates to an important emotional decision. To help you make the right choice you should try and spend some time in a peaceful spot near water as this will encourage the energies associated with the Lovers card.

The value of this dream is highly instructive as it describes in mystical terms the process that the dreamer must undergo at this point in their spiritual development. The value of five hundred and nine is a prime number which means that it is only divisible by one and itself. Prime numbers are quite rare and this alludes along with their nature to the uniqueness of each individual and the fact that each of must find our own way to cross over to a new state of consciousness. When reduced the value gives us fourteen which connects to the Death card in the tarot pointing to the profound nature of the change that we encounter in ourselves if we do cross that metaphorical bridge.

One could possibly see the Kabbala as a system consisting of nothing but bridges. The Tree of Life represents both the physical and spiritual universe as well as  the individual as a network of paths linking one Sephira to another. These paths can very easily be seen as bridges. In this sense the dream is not aligned to any one point on the tree but to the process of travelling the Tree itself. It is most likely though that this dream will occur towards the beginning of your spiritual quest and as such it refers to the thirty-second path. This is the first path leading out of Malkuth and up towards Yesod. Of all the possible paths this is the one that functions as the initial bridge from the material to the spiritual, and indeed in some early versions of the Tree of Life there is only one path out of Malkuth.

This dream suggests that we have moved from wanting to engage with our higher self to actually stepping towards it. We may well already be on that narrow bridge which leads ever upwards towards the unknowable truth. The letters which make up the Hebrew word for bridge tell a little tale which should help us to persevere in our attempts to safely reach the other side. The letters are Gimel, Shin, Vau, Resh and from these letters we can extract this nugget of wisdom: The camel of the Priestess(Gimel) carries you into the biting heat(Shin) but strength will bring you to the cooling air(Vau) and the burning fire will become the life giving Sun(Resh). In this tale you are the camel and the Priestess is your own higher self carried by your physical self until you cross the bridge to the higher planes.

One of the principles of the Kabbalah in the Hermetic tradition is the notion of “as above so below”. Put simply this implies that the nature of the divine is mirrored in the world of the mundane. This is an important concept in terms of self development. It means that practical acts can have a direct influence on our spiritual existence. This dream relates to the building of bridges to assist the evolution of our soul. We can aid this process by building bridges in our day to day life. An ideal way to approach this is to find a club or organisation that would not normally appeal and make the necessary effort to form a bond with the other members of the group. An equally good approach would be to consider joining a pen-friend organisation and striking up correspondence with a whole range of people from a number of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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Jonathan Sharp
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